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 +====== Adding Files ======
 +Adding files consists of these steps:
 +  * Edit the page and either add a new section, or select where to put the file link.
 +  * Upload the files using the "Add Images and Other Files" button on the editor window toolbar\\
 +    * Click on the "Add Images"​ button (circled):​{{:​vocabulary:​wiki_editor_buttons.png|Editor Buttons}}\\
 +      - Select the section for the new files (most likely **vocabulary**) by clicking on it.
 +      - Click the **Browse** button and select the file from your computer
 +      - Click the **Upload** button. This will upload the file and remove spaces from the name
 +      - Click the uploaded file to insert the full link into the edit window. Note that it will put the full link at the last location where the cursor was located before clicking the "Add Images"​ button.\\
 +  * Further customize the link. You can look at other links on the page to see how to customize, or right click on the green **"​[[wiki:​syntax|syntax]]"​** link at the top of the editor window. Note that you have to be editing to see this link.
 +  * **SAVE** the page!  (**Tip:** You can **Preview** how it will look first)
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