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Here are some Chinese texts. They can be used with Pleco 2 software, or any other software with the text versions of the files.

If you came directly to this page, you can go to the main page start to see the table of contents for this wiki.


All files are encoded using UTF-8. For additional usage notes (if you need them), please click here.

How to Make Text Files

Notes on how to make your own reader files is here.

How to use the Pleco 2 reader software can be found here.

I've listed the main site in the Chinese Links resource page, but I thought it worth mentioning the Reading links directly:

The Four Great Novels

These are the four great novels of Chinese Literature. For more information, see the Wikipedia entry here.

These were originally converted from HTML as I was interested in having them on my PDA, but with the coming of PlecoDict 2.0 and it's document reader I figured I'd put these out there for those that are interested.

Name Name Western PalmDoc Text
Simplified Traditional Title Format Format
红楼梦 紅樓夢 Dream of the Red Chamber PalmDoc Text
三国演义三國演義 Romance of the Three Kingdoms PalmDoc Text
水浒传 水滸傳 Outlaws of the Marsh PalmDoc Text
西游记 西遊記 Journey to the West PalmDoc Text

Lu Xun's Short Stories and Essays

I apologize for not having English translations of the names, but these are not as well known, and I myself am unable to translate them. Please feel free to translate the titles if you are familiar with the work.

Download Links
Name PalmDoc Format Text Format Title
二心集 PalmDoc Text title
而已集 PalmDoc Text title
PalmDoc Text title
古籍序跋集 PalmDoc Text title
故事新编 PalmDoc Text title
花边文学 PalmDoc Text title
华盖集 PalmDoc Text title
华盖集续编 PalmDoc Text title
华盖集续编的续编 PalmDoc Text title
汉文学史纲要 PalmDoc Text title
集外集 PalmDoc Text title
集外集拾遗 PalmDoc Text title
集外集拾遗补编 PalmDoc Text title
呐喊 PalmDoc Text title
南腔北调集 PalmDoc Text title
彷徨 PalmDoc Text title
且介亭杂文 PalmDoc Text title
且介亭杂文附集 PalmDoc Text title
且介亭杂文末编 PalmDoc Text title
热风 PalmDoc Text title
三闲集 PalmDoc Text title
文序跋集 PalmDoc Text title
伪自由书 PalmDoc Text title
野草 PalmDoc Text title
准风月谈 PalmDoc Text title
中国小说史略 PalmDoc Text title
朝花夕拾 PalmDoc Text title

NPCR Flashcards

I've gone through and created flashcard lists for the vocab in each chapter of the NPCR books (currently from books 1 to 3), including supplementary words, and including traditional characters. These are intended to be used with PlecoDict, and are formatted as such.


Pleco 2.0

There's a new method for Pleco 2.0, and should be much easier to use. Simply download this XML file, copy it to your SD Card, and tell Pleco to import a UTF-8 XML File. It might take a while, but it will eventually work. I would not advise anything past chapter 50 at the moment, as they're not complete and are missing, for example, their traditional headwords. I may put up a file for Book 5 at some point, but I can't make any guarantees about it.

I have also categorized the cards according to chapter and book, so no more duplicate flashcards! If you see an error, please tell me. I've fixed the ones I can remember, but there are surely more.

The difference between the two master files is that the first is something Pleco can import on its own, if you really need it to. The second master file is designed to be used with the application I've provided below, which allows for easier creation of deeply-layered categories. It's not something that you need to worry about, by and large.

The XML file contains all the cards from lessons 1 - 53 (51+ aren't finished). Each word has been assigned a category related to the chapter it's in, and the text it appears in. That is, you'll see many words with categories like NPCR/NPCR Book 1/NPCR Chapter 1/NPCR Text One. What that means is that it appears in the NPCR series, in Book 1 Chapter 1, and in the first text. Books 1 - 4 have 3 texts: Text One, Text Two and Supplementary Words. I've also 'tagged' each flashcard with one of NPCR Text One, NPCR Text Two or NPCR Supplementary Words, depending on which of those it has appeared in. Note that many words will have two or three of these tags. The general idea I had for using them was that you would study, say, chapters 10 - 12 quickly, and you might not need to learn the supplementary words, so you would say “All words except those which are in the category NPCR Supplementary Words”. You can remove the categories if you prefer - all the flashcards are in other categories, so you won't loose anything by removing them.

Name Download Format
Master File - Lessons 1 - 53 Text
Master File - Lessons 1 - 53 (Custom Categories) Text
Converted Master File XML
Transformation App tar.gz
Transformation App Source Code tar.gz

The two tar.gz files contain the program that I used to convert from the second Master File (with custom categories) to the XML file. They're not really intended for public use, as they're not well documented and are command-line only. The first archive contains everything you need to run the project, the second contains everything you need to build the project.

Pleco 1.0.3

There's a few choices here. The first, and the one that I use, is to do the following:

  1. Synch the file NPCR.pdb to your PDA. Internal or External doesn't matter. It should show up in PlecoDict as NPCR, under C→E. If it doesn't, make sure you're using the correct version (currently 1.3), and if that doesn't work, then email me. Contact details below.
  2. Put the stripped (NPCRStrip) files relating to the book(s) you want onto your SD card. It doesn't matter where, but I'd recommend some place very close to the bottom, like /[file] or /flashcards/[file]. These files are lacking definition, and use only traditional characters. They still show up as simplified in the testing though, don't worry!
  3. Open up PlecoDict and CHANGE TO THE NPCR DICT. This is quite important, otherwise it will not work as expected.
  4. Open the menu, select 'Manage Flashcards' and 'Import'. Enter the location of your flashcards (like /flashcards/[file], where you should replace [file] with the filename for the cards. Make sure the encoding is set as UTF-8.
  5. Congratulations! You should now have all the flashcards you wanted. Be aware that there are some duplicates…
  6. Note: While I prefer this way, it does mean that the flashcards can't be updated. If I make changes to the database you'll have to delete then re-import your flashcards, likely losing statistics in the process :(. Hopefully this will change when Pleco 2.0 arrives.

The other method is to not use the stripped file, but rather to grab one with the definitions already in it. I dislike this approach as it fills up your user-created DB with a huge number of flashcards, and has even more duplicates than the above method (and makes them harder to tell apart…)

Name Download Format
Master File (Chapters 1 through 41, full definitions, still a work in progress) Text File
Dictionary File PDB File
Stripped File for Lessons 1 to 38 (inclusive) Text File
Stripped File for Book 1 (Lessons 1 to 14) Text File
Stripped File for Book 2 (Lessons 15 to 26) Text File
Stripped File for Book 3 (Lessons 27 to 38) Text File
Merged File for Lessons 1 to 38 (inclusive) Text File
Merged File for Book 1 (Lessons 1 to 14) Text File
Merged File for Book 2 (Lessons 15 to 26) Text File
Merged File for Book 3 (Lessons 27 to 38) Text File

Classical Chinese Function Words

Flashcards: Text File

See the Pleco Forums Thread for more information.

Contact Details

First, the editor and supplier of almost all the files on this page is known as “ipsi” off of the Pleco forums (and most other forums, to be honest). I did this purely because I figured it'd be cool to wander around with these on my PDA. And I figured someone else might find them useful. I can be contacted at Temporarily unavailable for contact.

Also, the original Pleco thread about this stuff can be found here.

People interested in the UniAdso dictionary for Pocket PC can go here. NOTE This page has not been migrated into the wiki yet, but will be, so please don't bookmark that page.

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